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Wikipedia is a great many things to a great many people, and we often take for granted the army of dedicated writers and editors responsible for its versatility – people who, just like the encyclopedia itself, are complex, multifaceted and perhaps inscrutable. With this series of interviews I hope to elucidate the underrepresented, the modest and the invisible.

The following interview was conducted over Skype instant messaging:

Zane: Thanks for taking the time for this interview. I understand you value anonymity, so I appreciate your candour. You mentioned that you’re a member of an underground organisation staunchly dedicated to uncovering the corruption of the world’s governments.

Anon_Revolution_420_69: lol yea :P

Z: Can you shed some light on your organisation’s goals?

A: basically were going to stop wikipedia from suppressing our edits that theyre not ready to hear, and make wikipedia truly free

Z: I don’t think Wikipedia could get any more free. Its motto is “The Free Encyclopedia.”

A: no, wikipedia claims there democratic but u can veto any edit on any page so long as ur the majority

Z: That is literally the definition of a democracy.

A: so your one of them

Z: Maybe it would help me understand if you aired your group’s criticisms of Wikipedia in full.

A: with wikipedia all it comes down to is the governments cover story. theres always some “OBAMADMIN” on top of your edit ready to opress you and your truth and your freedoms

A: say for instance u wanna make a edit to say how the flouride in our water supply turned you gay, and the toxins in the governments secret chemtrails turned you straight again – sorry thats just “original research”

Z: Any edit needs coverage from a credible news source. It’s the same for all users.

A: and www.tinfoiltruth.info isnt credible??

Z: I think that’s down to consensus.

A: yeah yeah, ur brainwashed, its all down to jimmy wales’ twisted DEMOCRAZY or so he calls it. well heres some “original research” wikipedia doesnt want you to read: mister jimbo wales was in fact born in kenya

Z: Moving along, I’d like to ask about your group in general, if I may. Approximately how many other members are there?

A: dont worry man theres enough lol

Z: But could you give me a rough estimate?

A: top secret mang

Z: You can’t even ballpark it? Are there more than 100 members?

A: fine, okay, i dont know because were all totally anonymous, but im assured there are too many of us for the wikipedia’s stormtroopers to kill all of us

Z: Do you seriously predict a violent response from Wikipedia of all places? Do you really think that’s realistic?

A: man, even with all ive taught you you still dont get it do you

A: wikipedia goes all the way to the top. wikipedia, facebook, google, twitter – they all run by the america NSA as information gathering tools for use for gathering information on us. Maybe you should stop being so ignorant and educate yourself more. havent you read 1985?

Z: And of course you have a credible source for all of this.

A: dont take my word for it, just read tinfoiltruth.info its all there in black and red

Z: Do you have any other citations?

A: yeah the other week i parked in disabled to fight The Man and there was one on my windsheild. lets see them find me

Z: No, I mean, can you offer any other citations for this Wikipedia / NSA business?

A: yea lol of course, what do you take me for? this isnt some fringe wishywashy conspiracy bullshit like the fall of the birlin wall or toothpaste

Z: So it’s on the level then.

A: yeah, im not talking outta my ass this is stuff everyone knows. bunkeroftruth.ru did a great expose on how wikipedia and facebook both trace back to whitehouse IP adress 666.666.66.666.6

Z: Oh, yeah, of course. But is it IPv4 or IPv6?

A: lol now ur just being silly

A: a signal from the moon could only support IPv6 its too far otherwise

Z: So you at least believe we really landed on the moon.

A: duh

A: how else do you think they installed the massive lunar relay network they use to secretly intercept and censor broadcasts?

Z: If it’s so secret how do you know about it?

A: i read about it on conspiracywiki.org

Z: I think we’re about done here.

A: its called the ‘alrdin array’

Z: Thanks for your time.

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